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"A lot of my music is based on personal experiences with my past
battles with depression, life hardships with different phases of love,
family issues, learning to love oneself, and also societal issues,
creating with the hope of inspiring more communion through music.
Although my music expresses my past troubles, I write and sing a lot
more about my personal revelations, changes, and positive growth,
sharing advice and guidance through my music which I hope will
help somebody. Music was a literal lifesaver for me, I feel an innate
purpose to help others with it" - Jodie Erica
Renowned for her soul-stirring vocals, magnetic energy, and stage
presence, Jodie Erica works to share her musical gifts with the world
however she can. With an innate ability to infuse every note with
heartfelt emotion, she transcends genres, weaving a tapestry of
soulful essence into each performance.
In a testament to her gifts and dedication, Jodie was honoured with the Artist of the Year award in 2022 in Milton Keynes. This accolade stands as a testament to the growing impact of her original compositions and the resounding resonance of her professional performances across diverse venues and events.
Drawing inspiration from legendary voices like Mariah Carey and Joss Stone, Jodie's warm vocals and enchanting delivery forge an instant connection with audiences. Her latest single, "Temporary," an independent release, serves as a sublime introduction to her mesmerizing vocal melodies and distinctive artistic flair.
Venturing into exciting collaborations, Jodie has seamlessly merged her soulful stylings with the dynamic beats of DJ and Producer Pat Bedeau, producing soulful house anthems. Among these hits, "Set Me Free" claimed the coveted number 1 spot in the soulful house chart on Traxsource, further solidifying her position as a versatile and acclaimed artist.
As anticipation mounts for her forthcoming releases in 2024, Jodie remains steadfast in her commitment to crafting music that transcends boundaries and touches the soul. She continues to perform at events, radiating soulful vibrations, doing her best to leave people with a memorable experience, hoping her artistry lingers long after the final note fades.
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